The Psychological Value of Colors

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Help From a Professional Painter on Picking The Right Colors for The Rooms Around Your Home

Most people do not realize this but they gravitate to certain colors when it comes to their clothing, home design, or even food. But how do those colors affect them? Today we will try to solve this mystery, and provide a bit more information about how colors influence our mood and thoughts. We hope these facts will help you pick the right paint for your interior repainting project.

You don’t need to be a painter to believe in the influence of colors. Every person has some preferences when it comes to design. Of course, the colors we love are not always suitable for the rooms that we want to use them for, this is why we have decided to provide you with some tips on the most suitable nuances for different types of rooms.

1) Bathroom – Even if you love red, you will never paint your bathroom with it or tile the floors in this color. This is because bright and dark colors do not suggest relaxation, and this is exactly what exactly you are looking for when you are taking a long shower. This is why beige, light orange and light green are the best shades to consider, when thinking about the perfect bathroom design for your home.

2) Kitchen – Every painting company in town can tell you that yellow nuances, in combination with wood, are the perfect match for a kitchen interior. This bright color is a source of energy and happiness, as it is the color of the sun.

3) Bedroom – Although many people prefer dark colors or traditional white for the master bedroom, in fact green is the color that has the most positive and relaxing effect on people. No matter whether it is grass or pale gree the “health color” will definitely bring you the peace you long for after a hard day at work.

4) Living room – Lavender and other purple shades are ideal for any living room space. Even if you only paint a single accent wall with such paint, you will instantly feel the positive difference. Although it is not a pastel color it will boost your creativity, and make you feel cozy while laying on your couch, facing the light purple walls.

5) Gym/Workout area – If you have a corner where you can practice sports in your home, use the color of water to cover its walls. Every painter you ask will confirm that light blue is also ideal for commercial sports facilities and public gyms, as it is proven that it encourages your physical activity.

Hire a painting company which has knowledge about colors and painting materials, and can help you make your final choice. If you are based in Lakeland, FL, your ideal choice would be to contact All-Pro Painting & Remodeling! We will be expecting your advice and quote request calls at (863) 440-4076!

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